The Artists Voice began with the idea of creating a communication centre for artists and their galleries and presenters to tell their stories, create connections with and for their work,  contribute their observations and ideas about the art of creating to excite interest and appreciation for our artists and their contribution to our creative experience.

The idea for The Artists Voice was inspired by Melanie Gold and her contributions to drawing attention to the level of excellence of the great work of the artists of British Columbia who lend their creativity and vision to enriching our lives. Great Work, An Overview of Contemporary British Columbia Artists, was intended to be the first in a series which, in its entirety, would speak to the province’s geographic and conceptual breadth.

Melanie’s interests were to give artists the opportunity to tell the world “Why they do what they do” for people to learn about the variety of inspirations which excite artists to create and explore the experience of creating.

Great Work was compiled in collaboration with and written by the artists by giving them the opportunity to communicate their intention without editorial intervention.

Great Work!
An Overview of Contemporary British Columbia Artists

Artists in British Columbia