Isabella Egan Gallery

Isabella Egan Gallery

Isabella Egan GalleryThe Isabella Egan Gallery is introducing artists from around the province and around the world.

The Isabella Egan Gallery is dedicated to making the art industry transparent and understandable for people, to increasing their knowledge of the international art market, and to making the experience of buying art as enjoyable as possible. The Gallery encourages people from every walk of life to become involved in the arts.

The Isabella Egan Gallery is filling a void in the growing market of local collectors by bringing London’s urban chic to Vancouver’s Gastown. The Gallery is a home for buyers wishing to develop an existing collection or take their first steps in becoming an art collector. The Gallery provides local collectors with exquisite art, art market knowledge, art collection management, and consulting services.

Isabella’s personal passion for the environment is reflected in the efforts the Gallery makes to be environmentally aware. The Isabella Egan Gallery is an eco-conscious gallery – no matter how big or how small the gesture, from energy efficient lighting to recycled letterhead paper – the Gallery does its best to protect the environment in which we live.

“Every little bit we can do to encourage awareness to the world around us is important.”

– Isabella Egan

The Isabella Egan Gallery gives art collectors the opportunity to give back to society with 2% of all sales donated to the Make Poverty History campaign.