Marion Webber

Marion WebberNothing makes me happier than being an artist. I feel connected. It is the same for everyone who is doing something important for themselves. Such few people live a life of passion and a life of purpose. No wonder we feel disconnected. We need to find like-minded people, – people who care about what we care about.

I’ve always been creative in some form or other. It is my most significant gift and helps me connect to the world. Often, I’ve heard that my work makes people feel calm and happy. I was born an artist. I began finger painting before I could speak. My greatest artistic influence was my mother, Marion Pirie Webber, who was an accomplished oil painter.

Over the last 30 years my art has taken many forms: drawing, painting, photography, poetry, and the operation of a graphic design firm. I enjoy mixed media and oil painting but my preferred medium is oil pastel. It is the most luscious combination of drawing and painting I have encountered. I named my studio where I work “The Bulldog Studio” in honor of my mother who painted her first oil painting, a portrait of a bulldog, when she was fifteen.

My work is in private collections in North America. I am a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, BC. My artistic heroes are the European masters from the 14th to 19th centuries. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Jacob van Ruisdael, J.M.W. Turner, John Constable, Claude Monet, and Edgar Degas are magic. I find the work of Canadian artists like Joseph Plaskett, Robert Marchessault, and Gordon Smith exciting and inspiring. Wolf Kahn, a brilliant and gutsy colourist, is another one of my modern heroes.

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